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Relate First Occupational Therapy Sydney
Occupational Therapy Assessments


Initial Assessments, NDIS Functional Capacity Assessments, Sensory Profiling, Assistive Technology, School and Childcare Assessments.

Occupational Therapy Services


Individual and block therapy sessions, DIRFloortime®, SOS Approach to Feeding, Therapeutic Listening, Therapy Intensives, Fine motor and Gross motor development, Handwriting and Emotional Regulation.

Other Services

Other Services

Parent coaching, School Consultations and others.

Who we help

Relate First Occupational Therapy was founded by Noor with a focus on providing specialist OT services and she works with clients including;

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Chromosomal abnormalities
  • Developmental delays
  • Sensory Processing Difficulties
  • Visual perception and handwriting difficulties
  • Fine and gross motor difficulties
  • Emotional regulation issues
  • Social skills issues
  • Feeding difficulties

Based in Newington in Sydney, we provide a mobile service and can support you in your home, at school or in a childcare setting anywhere in Sydney.

Occupational Therapy Sydney
Floortime certified


Noor is a certified Floortime specialist.

Floortime, (also known as DIRFloortime®) is an intervention used to promote an individual’s development through a respectful, playful, joyful, and engaging process. It uses the power of relationships and human connection to encourage the development of the capacities for self-regulation, engagement, communication, shared social problem solving, and creative, organized, and reflective thinking and reasoning.

SOS Approach to Feeding

As a certified SOS professional, Noor is passionate about helping her clients develop a healthy relationship with food.

The SOS Approach is the only results-driven feeding program with 30 years of proven clinical experience helping children learn the skills they need to eat well.

SOS Feeding
Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening

Noor is a certified Therapeutic Listening practitioner and has been using it to good effect with a number of her ASD clients.

Therapeutic Listening is a specific sound-based intervention that is embedded in a developmental and sensory integration perspective. The music in Therapeutic Listening gives the listener unique and precisely controlled sensory information. The music is electronically modified to highlight the parts of the sound spectrum that naturally capture attention and activate body movement, synchronizing it with the environment. Therapeutic Listening uses electronic modifications, along with the organized, rhythmical sound patterns inherent in music, to trigger the self-organizing capacities of the nervous system.